Zero Rust Primer How-To

Zero Rust® Primer is a high solids phenolic-modified alkyd coating which controls rust and corrosion by putting down an impermeable barrier at the steel level. Zero Rust® Primer provides maximum adhesion to steel, starving the surface of oxygen stopping the process which converts steel to rust. Zero Rust® Primer is free from lead and isocyanates and is easy to apply over fully or marginally prepared surfaces. Zero Rust® Primer is a single package air dry coating which exceeds 2000 hours in the ASTM-B117 salt spray test.

Zero Rust® Primer is designed for use on new and old steel, rusty surfaces and partially rusted and partially painted surfaces such as decorative metal fixtures, metal railings, barns and metal furniture. This product is not recommended for submersion applications.

  • Direct-to-Metal (DTM)
  • Superior Rust Control
  • Single-Package Air Dry System
  • Impermeable Barrier
  • High Solids-Low VOC
  • Isocyanate-Free
  • Cost-Effective
  • Topcoats Optional
  • 2000+ Hours Salt Spray Test Results
  • Protection at the Steel Level
  • No Sandblasting Required
  • Easy to Use
  • Environmentally Friendly

Refer to the Product Brochure for preparation, cleaning and application instructions. Zero Rust® Primer Retailers can find additional product information on the Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

For best results, apply Zero Rust Primer in two coats. Aim for 3 mils wet coverage per coat.

Available Colors:

Zero Rust® Primer is available in four popular colors and three sizes including quart, gallon, and 12 oz aerosol can.

  • Black HP-62
  • White HP-67
  • Grey HP-61
  • Red Oxide HP-60

Zero Rust® Primer as supplied has a V.O.C. of 340 grams/liter.

See your local jobber for pricing.


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