Your License to Bond: 59007 Premium Adhesion Promoter

Our in-house tester was pretty impressed with the clarity and coverage of new 5 STAR Advantage Premium Adhesion Promoter. It requires nearly zero prep work can be top-coated within 10 minutes.

A premium all-purpose clear coating that improves adhesion bond of Enamel, Lacquer, 2K Urethane and Epoxy topcoats to nearly any difficult-to-coat surface. It is fast drying and provides superior adhesion on all flexible and rigid parts without scuffing.

  • Wide range of approved substrates, with perfect adhesion scores using ASTM D3359
  • No scuffing required
  • Can be topcoated within 10 mins

SUBSTRATES (no scuffing)
TPO Plastics (Automotive Bumpers)
Plate Glass
Polished Aluminum
Tempered Glass
Polished Steel
Polished Copper
Polished Stainless Steel
Polished Brass
Polished Tin
Galvanized Steel
ABS Plastic
PVC Pipe*

* Best results if scuffed.

SKU: 59007-01 Premium Adhesion Promoter National Rule, Gallon (4/cs)
SKU: 59007-04 Premium Adhesion Promoter National Rule, Quart (4/cs)

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