What’s Your Favorite Filler Brand? Here’s the No. 1

(ITW Evercoat) Evercoat accelerates past leading brands as the most used brand in body shops, according to Body Shop Business’ 2020 Crash Survey. When asked what brand was used in their shop, 53 percent mentioned Evercoat. The next leading brand was mentioned by 39 percent of body shops.

The annual Crash Survey is conducted to evaluate buying preferences of body repair shops. As the leading brand in collision repair body filler and putty, Evercoat focuses on continually innovating the repair process with new product technology.

“Evercoat strives to be the leader in the industry by continuing to innovate with the end user in mind,” said Carl Seaboldt, Evercoat Sr. Product Manager.

When surveying the most important factor in body shops’ body filler buying decision, 94 percent of respondents chose quality. Evercoat understands how important quality is and engineers its products with quality, first-in-class formulations for a perfect repair every time.

Additionally, 78 percent of body shops responded that they only use one brand throughout their shop. Evercoat responds to this preference by making sure we have a full selection of body repair products to complete every job that comes through the bay.

Evercoat values the annual Crash Survey as it gives our team the insight we need to evolve the way we serve body shops, whether through new product development, or training, and best practice content creation for our end users. 

Source: ITW Evercoat

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