WATER SPRITE: The Fastest Way to Dry a Car

What is the fastest way to dry your car or anything else? The answer is SM Arnold’s WATER SPRITE, an exclusive proven PVA material that gently cleans and dries fine finished surfaces. WATER SPRITE is a highly absorbent drying cloth that takes residual dirt and grime safely away from the car’s surface, leaving it and dry. It is used in place of a sponge or towel and when wet, can be used immediately upon removal from its package.

WATER SPRITE’S super-absorption properties provide fast drying with excellent efficiency. WATER SPRITE is easy to maneuver through corners and over uneven surfaces. WATER SPRITE easily glides over the surface giving less stress on arms and hands. Unlike microfiber towels, terry cloth towels and rags which become saturated with water, WATER SPRITE easily wrings out the water to provide a thorough and fast spot-free dry.


Elite water drop design for easy gliding and powerful drying.

Smooth side on reverse for strong suction and absorption.

LARGE SIZE–bigger than 4 sq. ft. to get that drying job done faster.

Stores wet and ready to use in trunk or glove box.

Cleans cars, boats, planes, windows and does chores all around the house.

SKU: WSY4-3 4.15 Sq. Ft. (Resealable Bag)
SKU: WSY4-3-T 4.15 Sq. Ft. (Reusable Plastic Tube)

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