Vortex 2 is a Car Detailers Best Friend

Powerful Cleaning Without Water or Chemicals

Use the Vortex II Air Cleaning Gun with your air compressor to create a high-velocity vortex of air that will blast dirt, dust, debris, and moisture out of those hard-to-reach places inside and outside your vehicle quickly and easily.

The Vortex II Blow Gun Dry Cleaning Tool works without the water or chemicals, by using a tornado-like motion powered by your air compressor operating between 60 and 90 psi. The flexible counter-weighted tube housed inside a hard rigid plastic cone provides the air velocity to get the job done fast!

Speed up Your Workflow

The powerful blast of air cleans and dries those areas that are impossible or difficult to reach. Debris is blown out in the open so you can vacuum it up. Water is blasted out of crevices reducing your hand-drying time. Dry the engine faster so you can finish dressing the engine compartment. Your end result will be more professional with less time spent working.

Vortex II Air Gun Tool

Cone-Shaped Design

The white rigid plastic nozzle is cone-shaped enabling you to cover a larger area than air flowing directly from the air compressor. The white cone with the flexible weighted tube generates tremendous air power exactly where you need it and quickly lifts moisture and dirt from any surface.

See your local jobber for pricing and availability.

See how Serranos Mobile uses the Vortex to quickly and simply keep leather seats maintained.


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