Quick Repairs: How To Use Guide Coat Like a Pro

Taylor Schultz of Schultz Designz takes you through a repair using our new Aerosol lineup. This range of Aerosols offers everything you need for a repair from Primer Surfacer, Etch Primer, Plastic Adhesion Promoter, Foaming Glass Cleaner and more!

SKU: 51001.A15 Trim Black
SKU: 51002.A15 HB Primer Surface Gray
SKU: 51003.A15 Etch Primer – Gray
SKU: 51004.A15 Guide Coat
SKU: 51005.A15 Chip Guard – Black
SKU: 51006.A15 Semi-Gloss Black
SKU: 51007.A15 HB Primer Surfacer Black
SKU: 51008.A15 Flat Black
SKU: 51009.A15 Flexible Primer – Rose
SKU: 51010.A15 Gloss Black
SKU: 51011.A15 Plastic Adhesion Promoter
SKU: 51012.A14 Clear Blender
SKU: 51013.A15 Weld Through Primer
SKU: 51014.A15 Glass Cleaner
SKU: 51015.A15 Primer Sealer – Gray
SKU: 51017.A15 Surface Cleaner – Low VOC
SKU: 51018.A15 Plastic Surface Cleaner


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