Get Mission-Ready with 5 Star Advantage Stealth Klear Multi-Gloss

STEALTH KLEAR 5ST5166 / ADV500 is a Multi-Gloss, acrylic urethane Klearkote designed to offer that very popular covert “Old School” look when used over any color basecoat paint, while providing UV protection and long-term durability of a standard Klearkote finish.

  • Uses One Activator To Achieve 3 Finishes
  • Flat Stays Flat No Fingerprints Or Scratches Upon Proper Application
  • Long Term Durable Acrylic Urethane Coating
  • Contains UV Inhibitors
  • Excellent Leveling Very Flexible
  • Superior Sag Resistance


• 5166-01 Stealth Klear (Multi-Gloss) 2.1 VOC – Gallon
• 5166-04 Stealth Klear (Multi-Gloss) 2.1 VOC – Quart
• 5ST5166-1 Stealth Klearkote (Multi-Gloss) 2.1 VOC, Gallon
• 5ST5166-4 Stealth Klearkote (Multi-Gloss) 2.1 VOC, Quart
• 5ST5167-4 Stealth Klear (Multi-Gloss) Activator 2.1 VOC, Quart
• 5ST5167-16 Stealth Klear (Multi-Gloss) Activator 2.1 VOC, Half Pint
• ADV500-1 Stealth Clear (Multi-Gloss) 2.1 VOC, Gallon
• ADV500-4 Stealth Clear (Multi-Gloss) 2.1 VOC, Quart
• ADV501-4 Stealth Clear (Multi-Gloss) Activator 2.1 VOC, Quart
• ADV501-16 Stealth Clear (Multi-Gloss) Activator 2.1 VOC, Half Pint

Note: Brand availability depends on location. See your local jobber for pricing

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