Paint won’t to stick to raw plastic? Try Car System HpP Primers

The Plastic Coating That Does Not Require Any Pre-Treatment. No-fluorination – No flame treatment – No plasma treatment – No tempering – No sanding 0% Pre-Treatment – 50% Material Savings – 70% Time Savings – 100% Adhesion A highly efficient and highly flexible surface coating that saves you time and money. A grounding system with extraordinary adhesive properties that increase process safety and does way with intermediate sanding. A fast, efficient and safe solution. Available in Grey, Black and White.

SKU: 154.709 HpP Primer Spray, White 400 ml
SKU: 154.710 HpP Primer Spray, Grey 400 ml
SKU: 154.711 HpP Primer Spray, Black 400 ml

See your local jobber for pricing.

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