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Versatile 5500K Color Match Shop Light Cap

The Brightest Hands-Free Light That Is Everywhere You Need It!

The RBL Products 5500K Color Matching Shop Light Cap is your next favorite cap. Achieve accurate color match results, easily work on any area of the vehicle, and quickly identify micro-scratches, imperfections, swirl marks, and more. This versatile cap provides hands-free solutions for a number of applications and industries including, but not limited to, the paint booth, the mechanic garage, and the QC (quality control) line.

Not Just for Color Matching, The Perfect Light To Use Around The Shop

The Color Matching Shop Light Cap is comfortable, illuminates your work area, stays bright for hours, and can make your job easier.  Because the light is on the brim of the hat, the light beam follows your sightline and does not obstruct your vision. The light also easily adjusts to exactly where you need to see. Once you wear it, it will soon become your favorite tool in the shop!

  • Work hat with detachable & adjustable color matching light
  • Super bright 450 Lumen / 5500 Kelvin cap light enhances color for more accurate matching
  • The integrated Cap Light does not block your vision and you do not feel the weight of the light while wearing the hat.
  • Light on the cap is adjustable (up/down) to illuminate on the focused area
  • Charges in 30 minutes or less & lasts more than 6 hours on a single charge
  • Perfect for painters, mechanics, detailers, in the paint booth, the shop, or anywhere that you need the brightest light!
  • United States Patent Pending
  • USB charger cable included

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SKU: CAP55K 5500K Color Matching Shop Cap Light

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