Clean, Smooth & Restore with 2 New Mothers Clay Bar Products

No matter where you live, your car’s finish is subject to a lot of paint damaging daily environment abuse. Bird droppings, heat, tree sap, acid rain, brake dust, air pollutants – they can all compromise the integrity of your vehicle. Our clay bar kit is designed specifically for those damaging impurities and grime that can muck up your paint.

Detailing clay bars are non-abrasive, synthetic putty that pull pollution and environmental contamination out of automotive paint surfaces. The result is a smooth-as-glass feel that makes the finish look brand new.

Mothers 3 Clay Bars, Fine Grade

The NEW Professional Detailers’ Secret

New from SEM, two Mothers® Clay Bar products. MOT.07242 California Gold® Clay Bar is a fine grade cut, 300-gram kit used for light surface contamination. MOT.87241 Professional Detailing Clay is medium grade cut, 200-gram kit with dispenser box that is used for medium to heavy surface contamination.

  • Use with Mothers® Professional Instant Detailer
  • Removes light contamination
  • Paint overspray
  • Acid rain
  • Tree sap
  • Airborne metal particles
  • Bird droppings
  • Brake dust
California Gold® 3 Clay Bars

Mothers® California Gold®

  • SKU MOT.07242 Mothers® California Gold 3 Clay Bars, 3 Bars
  • Removes particulate debris, grains of metal, tree sap, paint overspray and other light to medium contaminants
  • Use with Mothers® Professional Instant Detailer MOT.85624
Mothers® Professional Medium Clay Bars

Mothers® Professional

  • SKU MOT.87241 Mothers® Professional Medium Clay Bars, 2 Bars
  • Removes medium to heavy particulate debris, grains of
  • metal, tree sap, paint overspray and other contaminants.
  • Use with Mothers® Professional Instant Detailer MOT.85624

Mothers Clay Bars – Now available through SEM Products

How to Use It

To use it effectively, knead and flatten the clay in the palm of your hand. Make sure the vehicle’s exterior is cool and clean. Then begin by spraying the surface with Mothers instant detailer to lubricate the area where you’ll be focusing on first. Start with one section at a time and spray liberally from a distance. Lightly glide the clay across the surface using a back and forth sweeping motion.

When doing this, you may feel some resistance but continue the process. The clay will start to move more easily, leaving a smoother finish behind. Just make sure the surface is thoroughly lubricated at all times. Between different sections, fold and knead the clay bar to refresh the working surface before spraying and applying it again. When you’re done, use a soft microfiber towel to dry off any excess spray before moving onto the next section. To complete the process, Mothers recommends re-waxing it for the best result and protection.

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