Trimaco’s 8 Products to Protect Your Paint Project

From Automotive Masking Paper to E-Z Clean™ Goggles, Trimaco offers a variety of products geared towards the production and maintenance of cars and vehicles. Whether it be a DIY quick-fix for your car or a professional paint job, here are our recommended products that will keep you and your paint project protected from start to finish.

Trimaco E-Z Clean™ Goggles
1. Trimaco E-Z Clean™ Goggles

It is important to take safety precautions in your workspace when handling chemical products and auto body paint. Before you get started on an automotive paint job, you should protect vulnerable parts of your body, especially the eyes. Trimaco’s E-Z Clean™ Goggles are lightweight and comfortable, allowing for long-term wear and maximum protection.

SKU: 07925 (6/case, One size fits most)

2. Aqua Shield® Spray Booth Protection

Next, cover the walls and floors of your work area with Trimaco’s Aqua Shield Spray Booth Protection. Its bright, neutral white color prevents a tainted finish on your vehicle while also preventing unwanted dust, overspray, and dirt. The Aqua Shield Spray Booth Protection is flame-retardant, leakproof, slip-resistant, anti-static, and durable. It is a must-have on your list of automotive paint job needs.

SKU: 87210 Flame-retardant Spray Booth Protection, 10 mil, 26” x 140
SKU: 87090 Aqua Shield Seam Tape, 16-pack, 72mm x 55m (2.83″ x 180′ –
use as 3″)

AquaShield: For temporary use only. Trimaco is not responsible for adhesion issues. Test prior to use. Consult with flooring and/or finish manufacturer to determine if this product is suitable to use prior to curing. Do not use where the product cannot be firmly secured to the surface. In no event will Trimaco’s aggregate liability exceed the amount paid for this product.

3. DuPont™ Tyvek® Coveralls

These protective coveralls block liquids and airborne particles, yet are breathable for all-day comfort. The low-static material is durable and protects even when abraded. Keep debris off your final product. The low-linting fabric is ideal for paint applications. Don’t bring the mess home – keep dust, spray, and splashes off your clothing and skin with these high-performance coveralls.

See more about the coveralls here.

Available in sizes M-XXXL.

masking paper
4. Automotive Masking Paper

Before starting a paint body job, painters should use Automotive Masking Paper to protect portions of the vehicle, like windows, tires, or mirrors. Masking paper ensures a concise paint job. Additionally, it prevents paint overspray and spills in unwanted areas of the vehicle.

Trimaco offers the following masking paper options to best suit your painting needs, especially when wet sanding, priming, and finishing your vehicle:
– Poly-Gold Plastic Coated Masking Paper: High-quality masking paper with a coating that will not delaminate. Ideal for wet sanding.
– White Masking Paper: Prevents bleed-through, and is great for wet sanding, priming, and finishing.
– Poly-Blue Coated Masking Paper: Composed of newsprint paper with a laminate.
– Green Masking Paper: Ideal for priming and finishing coats (available in 30#, 35#, and 40#).

5. Heavy Duty SuperTuff® Tack Back

Heavy Duty SuperTuff Tack Back gives you superior leak-resistant protection that stays where you place it. The floor protection roll consists of two layers—absorbent fiber made from a blend of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled PET and a PET film protector sheet with an aqueous pressure-sensitive adhesive.

The tacky backing allows for the protection of vertical and horizontal working surfaces, such as floors or countertops. Plus, it’s easy to use and remove from hard surfaces. This heavy-duty surface protector can stand up to forklifts and high traffic for an extended period of time, and therefore is ideal for a walk-off mat to prevent tracking paint, mud, water, or soil into the job site. Reduce messy clean-ups by protecting your job site and materials with SuperTuff Tack Back.

Available in 36″ wide by 25′, 50′, and 100′ lengths.

View the demo video.

6. SuperTuff® Pump Strainer

Now that your work area is prepped, the paint job can begin. We recommend using Trimaco’s SuperTuff Pump Strainer to improve the quality of your paint job, therefore reducing the impurities coming through your spray gun. This product filters paint, varnish, and lacquer with 600-micron mesh. The SuperTuff Pump Strainer eliminates clogging in the spray unit and ensures a filtered, clean spray.

SKU: 31307ST SuperTuff Pump Strainer, 25pk, 5 gallon

7. Microfiber Wonder Rag®

wonder rag
It is essential to have Microfiber Wonder Rags® on hand to prepare for unwarranted auto paint spills and splatter. Wonder Rags are made of a unique, highly absorbent microfiber material and are streak and lint-free. From cleaning up spills to polishing surfaces, Wonder Rags are a necessary tool in your automotive paint job process.

SKU: 83625 Microfiber Wonder Rag, 16″ x 16″, 25pk dispenser box
SKU: 83650 Microfiber Wonder Rag, 16″ x 16″, 50pk dispenser box

8. Protective Car Covers

Lastly, we recommend Trimaco’s Protective Car Covers. Trimaco Car Covers protect your vehicle from paint overspray and grime throughout the painting process. Car Covers protect larger portions of the vehicle. Car Covers can also serve as a protectant of fresh paint. The non-woven material, double-stitched seams, and elastic border conform to your car size and are available in a variety of sizes. This ensures a perfect fit for your vehicle.

SKU: 08105 Full-size Car Cover 12’x 24′
SKU: 08107 Truck/Van/SUV 18′ x 24′
SKU: 36002 One Size Fits All, one size
SKU: 36002/4 One Size Fits All – compressed, one size

See your local jobber for pricing and more products that will help you paint your vehicle like a pro.


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