While Supplies Last! Vaper Paint, Body & Equipment Accessories

“I used this gun to apply the base coat on cars that I restore. I have found that this gun sprays a smooth application of base paint and is just as good as many $200 guns that I have used in the past.” – @rac1

19223 – 4-Pc HVLP Dual Setup Spray Gun Kit
• Locking pressure regulator with gauge
• Gun A – 1.4 mm nozzle
• Gun B – 1.7 mm nozzle
• 6″ random orbital sander for paint prep and finishing

22400 – Heat Gun
• 6-1/2 ft cord
• Dual temperature setting
• Durable ABS body, double insulated
• 3 position rocker switch: off, high, & low
• Ideal for plastic welding, shrink tubing and paint stripping
• Temperature: Low setting: 572°, High setting: 932°
• Rated Power: Low setting 750W, High setting 1500W

19220 – 4PC HVLP Triple Setup Spray Gun Kit
• Locking pressure regulator with gauge
• Gun A – 1.0 mm nozzle set – Detail
• Gun B – 1.4 mm nozzle set – Topcoat
• Gun C – 1.7 mm nozzle set – Primer

15084 – 7PC Autobody Hammer Set
• Heat-treated, dropped forged steel dollies & hammers
• Fiberglass hammer handles with non-slip grip
• Includes: bumping hammer, pick & finish hammer,
reverse curve hammer, utility dolly, double end dolly,
shrinking dolly, curve dolly, form-fitted mold case

22530 – 11 Amp 7-Inch Polisher/Sander
• Auxilary handle mounts for left- or right-hand use
• Lock-on switch for comfort during extended use
• Includes velcro pad for sandpaper, and rubber pad for polishing bonnet
• Adjustable dial speed control
• 5.4 x 18.9 x 6.4 inches
• 5 lbs

See your local jobber for pricing.


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