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Tips from Garmat: How To Keep Your Paint Booth Clean

Even the highest-quality paint booths get dirty from time-to-time. Many may jump to the conclusion that something is wrong with the booth itself; however, often times, it has to do with maintenance. So, in order to keep your paint booth clean and efficient, it’s important to perform all of the proper maintenance needed. Remember though, outside of the tips we will provide below, you should check with your paint booth manufacturer for the proper maintenance guidelines for the specific booth.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your paint booth clean

Be Aware Of Dust: How To Keep Your Paint Booth Clean

It’s simple and straightforward, but also very important. Unless you’re entering the booth, make sure the doors are always closed so that dust doesn’t get it. Beyond that, when you do open the doors, make sure it has been turned on and is running. This will allow any dust or other contaminants to get filtered out through the exhaust.

Outside of that, be sure to never leave anything in the booth that doesn’t need to be in it. However, you should also avoiding sanding within the booth as well. Some more tips include: wearing a painter’s suit, storing painter’s suit in clean location, sealing any cracks or openings with caulk, and properly preparing the job ahead of time.

Use And Replace Filters: How To Keep Your Paint Booth Clean

If there’s on thing where quality really matters, it’s the filters. Lower-grade filters don’t last as long and can lead to quite a few issues with paint finish. However, high-quality filters will help with painting efficiency while also creating proper circulation. In most cases, getting the filters recommended by your manufacturer are your best bet.

Beyond that, you should consistently replace your paint booth filters. If you don’t they can get clogged up and disrupt the air-flow balance inside. Once that happens, you’ll experience problems with over-spray. Either way, most paint booths come standard with several gauges to help you monitor exhausts, filters, and air-quality. Remember, it’s also important to set up a regular maintenance schedule for filter changes.

Clean The Inside Of Your Booth Regularly: How To Keep Your Paint Booth Clean

No matter what, it’s impossible to completely avoid overspray. It’s not uncommon for some to build up on the walls and floors after a while. However, with enough time, overspray can become airborne as well. To prevent overspray and maintain quality finishes, you should regularly clean and maintain the floors and walls yourself.

Because a lot of the dust and debris are combustible, any sort of machinery, such as a vacuum, should be used cautiously. For the safest cleaning, it’s recommended that you use only a sponge mop with solvent-based materials. Outside of that, make sure the ventilation system is always on when doing this. However, you can also pressure wash the interior of your paint booth.

Keep Equipment In The Paint Booth Clean: How To Keep Your Paint Booth Clean

Beyond just the walls and floor, over-spray can attach itself to equipment as well. You’ll often see it on the inside and outside of the paint gun and air hose. So, make sure you regularly clean or replace them when necessary.

You should also regularly check your paint booth exhaust for over-spray. It’s difficult to inspect the exhaust, but also important that you do to make sure there isn’t a build up anywhere. Over-spray can build up in the exhaust, fan, and ducts– which can dramatically impact efficiency and quality.

Be Aware Of Moisture: How To Keep Your Paint Booth Clean

While dust and dirt are big problems with paint booths, you should also be aware of moisture. Since the gun washers, spray guns, and booth all use compressed air systems, moisture can be a common issue. Compressed air systems produce moisture, and once it gets in the booth, it can damage tools and cause paint imperfections.

Source: Garmat USA


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