The Presta Hybrid Technique: Get a Detail Shop Finish with Body Shop Speed

Get the amazing finish of a detail shop with the speed of a body shop by using the Presta Hybrid Technique. The hybrid technique utilizes the PACE kit with both a rotary and orbital polishing tool. The cutting step matches the PACE Heavy Cut Compound with a black wool pad and the rotary tool to cut out sanding marks with incredible speed. The polishing step pairs PACE Medium Cut Compound with the orange foam pad and orbital polisher to create an amazing finish. Using these two tools with the PACE compounds brings the best of both worlds to your paint finishing. The first step allows you to cut with the speed that many miss when not using a rotary, and the compounds/orbital polisher bring the safety and polishing power necessary to get an excellent finish.

SKU: 133090S – PACE Paint Finishing System Kit
SKU: 890140 – Black Heavy Cut 100% Wool 9″ Rotary Buffing Pad, Single-Sided Hook & Loop


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