SprayWise Hand-crank Fill Machine Fills Pre-charged Cans Effortlessly

A custom color filling system designed to lower operating costs and help grow your margins

Seymour of Sycamore is excited to introduce the SprayWise custom color filling system. The SprayWise hand-crank machine lets you effortlessly fill pre-charged cans with either water-base or solvent-base paints. SprayWise pre-charge cans come with standard caps that reduces your cost of the pre-charge cans. The new and improved design features a reusable plunger & filling cup that allows you to reuse the same cup and plunger up to 12 times.

The SprayWise hand-crank machine is made in the USA and machined from a high-strength aluminum. Assembled using only premium hardware, the SprayWise machine is extremely durable and is up to the challenge of being your custom color filling workhorse for many years to come. It’s fast, easy-to-use and a must have tool for paint stores and contractors.

• Reusable Filling Cup & Plunger design
• Made in the USA from high-strength aluminum construction
• Simple & easy to use hand-crank machine
• Solvent-Base & Water-Base pre-charge cans available

SprayWise is fast, easy-to-use and a must have tool for paint stores and contractors.

SKU: 00-4000-0150 – Plunger
SKU: 0Z-3000-0000 – Crank Fill Machine
SKU: 00-0016-5393 – Water Blend Cans
SKU: 00-0016-5395 – Solvent Blend Cans
SKU: 00-3000-0150 – Paint Cups

See your local jobber for pricing.

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