How to Use USC Aerosols Like a Pro

Taylor Schultz of Schultz Designz demos a quick panel repair using US Chemical’s Aerosol lineup.

This range of Aerosols offers everything you need for a repair from Primer Surfacer, Etch Primer, Plastic Adhesion Promoter, Surface Cleaners, and more.

Why choose an aerosol over a paint gun setup?

Aerosols can be intimidating to many traditional automotive painters who are comfortable using a standard paint gun setup. There may be some skepticism as to the results they can produce. However, once you try them out and become familiar with how to use them properly, they are another tool you can add to your arsenal.

Say you only have a quick repair to complete. They are much more convenient than setting up a standard gun setup. And what if you are somewhere that does not have a compressed air system? You don’t have to worry about bringing a whole compressor system with you. Aerosols are easily portable, compared to bringing gallons of other products with you as well. There is less product waste, no mixing (aside from shaking the can for a few minutes), and no additional clean-up. In other words, aerosols can save you a ton of time and money.

What types of aerosols does USC’s lineup feature?

USC aerosols

Trim Black – A universal black designed for quick touch-ups on body, trim work, and under the hood. The nozzle produces a fan spray pattern for an even, OEM finish.

SKU: 51001.A15, 15 oz.

Primer Surfacer – A high-build primer surfacer for quick and easy repairs. Provides excellent adhesion. Intended for use by the professional collision repair tech.

SKU: 51002.A15, 15 oz. – Gray
SKU: 51007.A15, 15 oz. – Black

Etch Primer – A bare metal etch primer for maximum adhesion in any professional repair. Features a fan spray tip.

SKU: 51003.A15, 15 oz. – Gray

Taylor Shultz explaining guide coat
Taylor Schultz describes the benefits of the USC Guide Coat Aerosol.

Guide Coat – A guide coat that not only is quick-drying but helps achieve an ultra-smooth finish post-repair. Using this aerosol means block sanding is pain-free.

SKU: 51004.A15, 15 oz. – Black

Chip Guard – A must-have to give your rocker panels, wheel wells, and any lower surface part or material extra protection against chipping, abrasion, and impact.

SKU: 51005.A15, 15 oz. – Black

General Purpose Enamels – Three black aerosols in Gloss, Semi-Gloss, and Flat finishes. They offer great adhesion properties providing a durable end result with exceptional corrosion protection. Nozzles spray in a fan pattern for an even, professional finish.

SKU: 51010.A15, 15 oz. – Gloss Black

SKU: 51006.A15, 15 oz. – Semi-Gloss Black

SKU: 51008.A15, 15 oz. – Flat Black

Flexible Primer – A rose-colored flexible primer for repairs to any plastic part on a vehicle, including bumpers and moldings. Provides outstanding adhesion.

SKU: 51009.A15, 15 oz. – Rose

Adhesion Promoter – A convenient spray adhesion promoter for use on anything plastic—bumpers included. Delivers max adhesion.

SKU: 51011.A15, 15 oz. – Clear

Click the image to hear Taylor Schultz explain the benefits of the USC Clear Blender Aerosol.

Clear Blender – A clear blender to achieve that “invisible” repair. Use to melt and blend edges in the clear coat process.

SKU: 51012.A14, 14 oz. – Clear

Weld Through Primer – A zinc-based weld-through-primer for conductivity and minimal-to-no splatter.

SKU: 51013.A15, 15 oz. – Gray

Glass Cleaner – An ammonia-free glass cleaner that delivers streak-free, clean windows.

SKU: 51014.A15, 15 oz.

Primer Sealer – A handy primer-sealer in gray for any last-minute fixes right before color.

SKU: 51015.A15, 15 oz. – Gray

Low VOC Surface Prep/Cleaner – An easy-to-use cleaner for a surface that offers better adhesion and an overall finish. Great for flexible and rigid plastics. You can apply color in just 10 minutes!

SKU: 51017.A15, 15 oz.

Plastic Surface Cleaner/Prep – A specially-formulated cleaner for any plastic surface or part. Bumpers. Moldings. Mirrors. Removes adhesives, wax, road tar, grease, and paint.

SKU: 51018.A15, 15 oz.

Ask your local jobber for pricing and availability.

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