Video on Demand: Squeezed Up | The Movie

“Squeezed Up | Tales of Polynesian Pop and Kustom Kulture” is the new documentary film by filmmaker Dirk “The Pixeleye” Behlau the co-director and DoP of internationally acclaimed documentary film Flake & Flames – Kustom Kulture Film released in 2013.

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Music by Jason Lee & the R.I.P. Tides – Caped Crusader

Squeezed Up | Tales of Polynesian Pop and Kustom Kulture
A Beastwood Film Production in Cooperation with Pixeleye Industries
Director: Dirk “The Pixeleye” Behlau
Executive Producer: Stefan Immke, Co-Producer: Shane Bagnall
Director of Photography: Dirk Behlau
Edited by Dirk Behlau

When will the film be out? 09.02.2020. On DVD and Video on Demand. And there will be a large XXL coffee-table book, too.

Starring: “The wild bunch” Stefan Immke, Matze Heiden, Thorsten “King of Mayonesien” Liesenberg, Andy “Body Electric” Schmidt & Shane “Baggybilly” Bagnall

Also starring in no particular order: Robert & Suzanne Williams, Tony “Tiki Tony” Murphy, Dave Warshaw, Brian Bent, Bamboo Ben, Fip Buchanan, Jay & Beverly Dean, Jason Lee, Bobby Green, Shige, Matt “Tikiman” Willis, Michael Grider, Crazy Al, Danielle Bagnall, Jonny & Ilze Guilmet, Kelly Merrill, Marie Devilreux, Wild Tiger Woman, Dottie Deville, Joe Arreguin, Adrian Eustaquio, Matt “Spike” Marble, David Arnson & many more..


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