SprayMax: Meet Our Vendor

SprayMax has been a valued Autobody Source partner for 15+ years!

Founded in 1963 by Peter Kwasny, who developed and patented aerosol can technology for the European market that later defined the SprayMax brand. Peter Kwasny GMBH creates innovative products and solutions for customers in the automotive, industrial, decorative, and DIY sectors across the world — and all ‘Made in Germany’.

The Peter Kwasny GMBH is still a one hundred percent family-owned company located in Gundelsheim, Germany, since 1966. Kwasny has its own manufacturing setup for aerosols, touch-up pens, painting preparation materials, and plastic parts.

Historic image of SprayMax and one of the original products.

Did you know?

After visiting the USA in 1956, Peter Kwasny brought the idea of spraypaints home to Germany. Kwasny’s production of aerosol spraypaint for cars began in 1958, and he founded his corporation five years later. The first Auto K Spray Set, “The Paint Shop in an Aerosol”, left the assembly line in 1966.

Our all-time best-seller SprayMax 2K Glamour Clearcoat

“Our number-one-selling product for this market is really the 2K Glamour Clearcoat. The reason is, for professional repairs, 2K offers a more durable and protective finish comparable to what you get with a spray gun versus 1K or air-dry versions, not only for auto refinish projects, but also in the industrial sector. The other most popular are our 2K Epoxy Primers and Fillers.”

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