Spray Gun Air Pressure Regulator: Do I Need One?

It’s a good idea to have a regulator on or close to the gun, to mitigate any pressure drops in your system across air lines, and to be able to tune your gun’s spray pattern based on the type and viscosity of material you’re shooting.

As a rule, most HVLP guns will require much lower pressure than other air tools in your shop, so a regulator allows you to set your compressor at a usable level and fine-tune the gun. Regulators are relatively expensive, and they mount to the hose junction of the gun.

Let RTi’s Perfect Air® components give you the perfect results you’re after!

MR-1 Mini Paint Gun Regulator – $62.10 Shop

  • Ultra lightweight, durable regulator
  • Mounts right on the paint gun to regulate your air flow precisely
  • Automatically adjusts for upstream pressure fluctuations
  • Guarantees a perfectly even spray from your gun
  • 0-60 PSIG operating range
  • High-flow air design, up to 30 SCFM
  • ¼” inlet/outlet

PERF-50 Perfect Air® Two-Person Desiccant Dryer – $3,369.80 Shop

  • Consistent -40°F dew point air to gun
  • For HVLP & conventional spray guns
  • No upstream dryer required
  • Quiet operation

6950B STEALTH Unit – $195.90 Shop

  • Inverse-Flow® Technology with 3½” filter depth
  • Quick disconnect clamp ring design
  • 1.0 micron final filtration
  • Spin-on/spin-off element
  • Equipped with brass petcock manual drain
  • Rated for 60 SCFM
  • Removes dirt & water

HFFC-1 High Flow Female Coupler – $11.60 Shop
HFMC-1 High Flow Male Coupler – $11.60 Shop
HFFP-1 Female Plug – $2.30 Shop
HFMP-1 Male Plug – $2.30 Shop

  • Re-designed 2nd generation RTi Coupler/Plugs
  • New Competitive Pricing
  • Easy Assembly/Disassembly
  • New High Quality Brass Construction
  • High Pressure Applications
  • Available in ¼” (-1) and 3/8″ (-3) sizes



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