SEM Products is expanding their sundries offering with the launch of a hybrid paint cup system.

VCS™ Versatile Cup System is a unique paint cup system designed to increase productivity and reduce waste with versatile, multi-functional cups, liners, lids and more.

Until now, collisions centers have been forced to weigh the benefits of a vented hard cup system against a sealed liner system.

Now Available: VCS 50-Pack Kits!

NEW from SEM Products are the VCS Versatile Cup System 50-Pack Kits! Now, with availability in 2 sizes, a smart hinge box opens for use as a dispenser for even more efficiency and ease.

Kits include:

  • (1) Hard Cup
  • (50) 125 Micron Lids
  • (50) Liners
  • (10) Caps

Choose versatility and convenience to make your jobs easier!

Not Just Another Cup System

VCS offers ultimate versatility; most notably with vented liners, allowing technicians to open or close the vent as needed. Vented spray delivers optimal fluid flow, while sealing the drip-resistant vent allows technicians and painters to spray hard-to-reach areas from any angle, even upside-down.

SEM helps shops and technicians turn more cars with products that reduce repair time and steps. VCS continues in this tradition by reducing the amount of cleaning solvent needed, optimizing fluid flow for consistent color matching, and eliminating the need to mix in one cup and transfer to another cup for spraying.

For shops seeking more versatility and fewer SKUs, VCS delivers with efficiency.  

VCS™ Versatile Cup System 


  • Liners can be used vented or sealed
    VENTED USE: provides unrestricted paint flow, which improves color match and consistency
    SEALED USE: allows the liner to collapse for painting upside down or in hard to reach areas where inverted spraying is needed
  • Liner locks into hard cup, making lid removal easier for refilling
  • Specially designed liner vent and hard cup flange eliminate drips
  • 32 oz., 22 oz., and 13 oz. hard cup and liner sizes
  • One lid fits all VCS cup sizes
  • Built-in filter is removable for higher viscosity liquids such as primer filler
  • Blank hard cups are availableto ensure mixing is done on a paint scale
  • Eliminates the need for a separate mixing cup
  • Wide mouth stainless steel adapters available for most popular spray guns
  • Save cleaning time and reduce solvent waste

SKU: 92700 VCS Starter Kit – Blank Cups
SKU: 92710 VCS Starter Kit – Mix Ratio Cups

See your local jobber to order a VCS Starter Kit today!

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