SM Arnold Dragon Glide | Get a streak-free shine

To Dry, Wash or Clean…It’s DRAGON GLIDE™

DRAGON GLIDE™ is created by a new advanced patent-pending technology. It is a soft and flexible cloth that features high absorption and excellent GLIDE for streak-free drying of all surfaces. Use DRAGON GLIDE™ dry, damp, or with soapy water to clean and wash.

You can also use it dry for dusting. DRAGON GLIDE™ has outstanding drying, dusting, cleaning, and washing power due to the construction of the fiber. It is a non-woven material providing flexibility in use.

SM Arnold DRAGON GLIDE™ drying cloth


  • Tremendous absorbing capabilities to clean and dry all surfaces.
  • New advanced patent-pending technology process.
  • Can absorb up to 400% of its weight in water.
  • This non-woven technology easily absorbs and releases water for continuous drying.
  • Unique fiber structure stays soft even when dry and will not delaminate.
  • Great for washing, cleaning, and dusting.
  • Can remove dirt without the use of cleaning chemicals.

Available in a variety of sizes, get yours today!

  • DG20 – 2.00 sq. ft.
  • DG24 – 326 sq. in.
  • DG25 – 2.50 sq. ft.
  • DG30 – 3.00 sq. ft
  • DG35 – 3.50 sq. ft.
  • DG40 – 4.00 sq. ft
  • DG45 – 4.50 sq. ft.
  • DG50 – 5.00 sq. ft
  • DG546 – 559 sq. in.
  • DG70 – 7.00 sq. ft
  • DG816 – 791 sq. in.

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