House of Kolor Shimrin2 Kolor System

Shimrin2® is the next generation of the proven, ground-breaking Shimrin® Basecoat technology introduced by House of Kolor in 1982. Through new polymers and innovative chemistry House of Kolor is able to meet and exceed waterborne with a solvent-based system, allowing you the painter to create hundreds of exciting, easy to mix and use kolors from the latest pearl technology. Shimrin2® basecoats are ultra-productive, easy to apply, and range from Metallic Basecoats (BC), Pearl Basecoats (PBC), and Kandy Basecoats (KBC). Shimrin2® Basecoats are a three component system consisting of our very own S2 FX Karrier Bases, S2-FX Effect Pacs and RU Series Kosmic reducers. This New System is the future of kustom painting available now, compliant through out the USA, including California.


KDA3000.HP1 KD3000 Series DTS Hardener – Gallon
KDA3000.Q01 KD3000 Series DTS Hardener – Qt
KD3000.G01 DTS Surfacer/Sealer – Gray, Gallon
KD3000.Q01 DTS Surfacer/Sealer – Gray, Qt
RU300.G00 LV Cool Weather Reducer – Gallon
RU300.Q02 LV Cool Weather Reducer – Qt
S-00.G01 Trans Nebulae (Full Fill Gallon – 128 Fl Oz)
S-00.G01 Trans Nebulae (3/4 Fill)
S2-BCO2.G01 Orionmax Silver – Gallon
S2-BCO2.Q01 Orionmax Silver – Qt
UA22.Q01 2:1 Fast Catalyst – Qt
UA23.Q01 2:1 Medium Catalyst – Qt
UA24.Q01 2:1 Slow Catalyst – Qt
UC21.G01 Kosmic Acrylic Urethane Klear – Gallon
UC35.G17 Kosmic Acrylic Urethane Klear – 17 Gallon
UC35.Q01 Kosmic Acrylic Urethane Klear – Qt
UKK01.G17 Urethane Kandy Karrier – 17 Gallon
UKK01.G01 Urethane Kandy Karrier – Gallon
UKK01.Q01 Urethane Kandy Karrier – Qt
UKK01.Q01 Urethane Kandy Karrier – Qt

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