Share your story: “Because I’m a Tech” 2020 (Aug 24-Sep 11)

Join TechForce Foundation and partners this month (Aug 24-Sep 11) for the 2020 “Because I’m a Tech…” campaign, which invites techs to share their stories and accomplishments as transportation technicians. Employers are also invited to showcase their workforce and join in reminding the public that our country depends on its techs, now more than ever.

The COVID crisis has helped highlight the important role transportation techs play in keeping America safe and rolling. Now considered critical infrastructure workers, we have an opportunity to re-engage and re-activate an American audience who’s grown weary and afraid of the changing landscape of our workforce where:

  • Technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence become more prevalent.
  • The growing costs of four-year universities and financial aid have turned higher education into a less viable option for long-term financial success and stability

Our country is full of amazing, authentic people living happy, fulfilling, prosperous lives in large part due to their decision to pursue a technical career. “Because I’m a Tech…” is an opportunity for you to share your story in a light that educates and encourages both parents and kids to dive further into the life-changing potential and lifelong benefits of following a similar path.

TechForce wants to hear your story in a short 30-60 second video:

  • How and why you are living a happier, healthier, more productive life because of your career as an automotive tech?
  • How did your choice to pursue a career as a tech change your life and present new opportunities?
  • What is your vision for the future of the automotive profession?

Just submit your info to [email protected] or email [email protected].


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