Save Loads of Time: Install Your Collision Wrap In Reverse

Mike Vied from Repforce shows off why reverse winding your collision wrap is faster and easier than the standard wound collision wrap.

RBL Products Reverse Wound Collision Wrap Provides Temporary Outdoor Storage Protection for Damaged Vehicles.

RBL’s Self-adhering collision wrap covers cracked windshields, broken windows, sprung doors, caved-in roofs and any opening to protect vehicle interior from risk of damage from rain, wind, snow, etc. outdoors or indoors.

Faster and easier to install


  • US Patent Pending Serial No. 63/210,571
  • Reverse Wound for easy one man installation
  • Bonus 20 Feet Included For Free
  • Durable 3 mil puncture resistant plastic film with UV inhibitor.
  • Adheres to clean and dry surface – metal, glass & plastic.
  • See-through clear plastic.
  • Film cuts easily with razor blade, poly knife or No. 555 SNIPPET KNIFE.
  • Immediate protection anywhere a vehicle is temporarily stored and vehicle interior is exposed to risk of damage from wind, rain, dirt, etc.,
  • Use outdoors or indoors!
  • For use on vehicle exterior surfaces only.

SKU: 428R – RBL Products Reverse Wound Collision Wrap (36″ x 120′)

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