SAS Safety’s Eye Gear Survived Our Extreme Tests

Thousands of people are blinded each year from work-related eye injuries that could have been prevented with the proper selection and use of eye and face protection. Avoid eye injuries that can lead to permanent damage, medical expenses and loss time with ANSI-compliant safety glasses by SAS Safety.

Our tester Tony clobbered them in an extreme test… and they survived!

Models tested in this video (see details below):
• Diamondbacks™ 540-0200
• NSX™ 5340-50

Diamondbacks™ safety eyewear is sporty, edgy and provides premium comfort for all day wear. Designed with high-impact polycarbonate lenses that provide 99.9% UV protection, anti-fog capability and anti-scratch coating for greater field of vision. Rubber non-slip temples and nose piece keep your eyewear in place. Safety never looked so good!

SKU • Frame / Lens
540-0100 • Silver / Clear
540-0101 • Silver / Gray
540-0103 • Silver / Smoke Mirror
540-0200 • Black / Clear
540-0201 • Black / Gray
540-0203 • Black / Smoke Mirror
540-0205 • Black / Yellow
540-0000 • Red / Clear
540-0001 • Red / Gray
540-0003 • Red / Smoke Mirror
540-0300 • Blue / Clear
540-0301 • Blue / Gray
540-0303 • Blue / Smoke Mirror

High-impact polycarbonate lens, 99.9% UV protection, anti-fog coating on lens, scratch resistant coating, single lens design, lightweight wrap-around lens, meets ANSI Z87.1+

SKU • Frame / Lens
5340 • Black / Clear
5340-50 • Black / Clear Clamshell
5341 • Black / Yellow
5342 • Black / Orange
5343 • Black / Gray
5343-50 • Black / Gray Clamshell
5344 • Black / Gold Mirror
5345 • Black / Clear Indoor/Outdoor

NSX™ For Welding
Torch brazing, light gas welding, soldering, light to medium cutting, meets ANSI Z87.1+
5346 • Shade 5

NSX™ Sold In Bulk Only
High-impact lens, 99.9% UV protection, no lens coatings, meets ANSI Z87.1+
5347-00 • Clear / Clear

NSX™ Turbo
High-impact polycarbonate lens, 99.9% UV protection, scratch resistant coating, single lens design, lightweight wrap-around lens, non-slip temples, meets ANSI Z87.1+

SKU • Frame / Lens
5330 • Clear
5331 • Gray
5332 • Yellow
5333 • Blue
5334 • Gray
5330-01 • Clear Anti-Fog
5331-01 • Gray Anti-Fog

Dry Forest Camo™
Dry Forest Camo safety eyewear is designed for the camo fans who love the outdoors. Made with a full frame with wide temple arms, this eyewear includes EVA foam padding for the nose piece, brow guard and around the lenses for superior comfort. The lenses are anti-fog and have an anti-scratch coating for longer use. Meets ANSI Z87.1+ standard.

SKU • Frame / Lens
5550-01 • Dry Forest / Clear
5550-02 • Dry Forest / Gray

Lens Color Guide

  • Clear    Specifically designed for indoor protection where impact protection is required.
  • Gray    Ideal for outdoor protection where light and glare can cause eye strain and fatigue. Gray lenses do not affect color recognition.
  • Indoor/Outdoor    A clear lens with a slight mirror coating serves the same purpose as a gray lens, yet allows more visible light to pass through the lens making this lens ideal for indoor and outdoor use. This lens also reduces glare from artificial light.
  • Gold, Blue and Silver Mirror    The “mirror” coating reflects and reduces the amount of light that passes through making these lenses ideal for outdoor where sunlight and glare cause eye strain and fatigue.
  • Yellow Ideal for creating maximum contrast, even in low light they block the blue portion of the visible light spectrum.
  • Orange Offers high contrast and low light image resolution.  Filters out blue and green light to reduce eye fatigue, improves visual acuity during curing and inspection processes.
  • Light Blue – Serves the same purpose as grey lens, yet allows more visible light through the lens for indoor/outdoor use. Reduces glare from artificial light such as halogen and fluorescent.
  • Shade 5    Ideal for protection against ultraviolet and infrared radiation; designed specifically for working with molten metal and welding operations.
  • Purple Haze Commonly used in medium to low light conditions. Enhances contrast.
  • Ice Blue Absorb reflections across mirror surface, diminish glare. Ideal in bright conditions.
  • Iridium – Ideal for outdoor applications where sunlight and glare cause eye strain and fatigue.
  • “Mirror” – coating reflects light, reducing the amount of light that passes through the lens.

⚠Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including BPA-Bisphenol-A which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit

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