Sand and Polish Away Defects In Seconds with RBL 512

The King of Detailing Has Arrived

The RBL 512 Defect & Dirt Removal Kit, brand new from RBL Products, brings OEM efficiency and quality to your shop, mobile detailing unit, or even to the DIYer. Equipped with our brand-new cordless 5mm Sander and 12mm Polisher, there is no spot-job you can’t tackle.

RBL 512 5mm Sander and 12mm Polisher Kit

The tools themselves are outfitted with BUILT-IN Job Complete Indicator lights, along with RPM controls and timer & battery indicators. The RBL 5mm Sander ranges from 4000-8000rpms while our 12mm Polisher ranges from 2500-6000rpms!

Each full 512 Kit comes fully equipped with both lightweight & ergonomic tools in addition to our proprietary sanding discs, polishing pad, One-Step Polish, 4 10.8v Lithium-Ion batteries, and a 4-battery charging station, all in a large RBL Products Bag!

512 Dirt & Defect Removal Kit Includes:

  • RBL One-Step Polish
  • Storage Bag
  • Sanding Discs
  • RBL512-P 12MM Polisher Tool
  • RBL512-S Sanding Tool
  • 4-10.8V 2.5 AH Lithuim Ion Batteries
  • 4-Station Battery Charger

You can also break down the kits into smaller pieces:

  • The RBL 512-S comes with the Sander, 2 Batteries, One-Step Polish, our Sanding Discs, and a line charger.
  • The RBL 512-P features our Polisher, 2 Batteries, One-Step Polish, Buffing Pads, and a line charger.

Get yours, today!

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