S.M. Arnold® Steel Wool Pads

Steel Wool Pad Grade 0000, Super Fine Steel Wool Pad
Cleans wheels, tile, grout and porcelain, copper pipes and joints, pans, pots and utensils.
SKU: 25-793 (16 pads)

Steel Wool Pad Grade 000, Extra Fine
Cleans and polishes stainless steel. Removes rust from chrome. Removes paint from wood. Smooths finishes between coats.
SKU: 25-792 (16 pads)

Steel Wool Pad Grade 00 – Very Fine
Restores aluminum trim to original appearance. Repairs burn marks on wood and leather. Cleans old brass and polishes copper. Prepares surfaces before painting.
SKU: 25-791 (16 pads)

See your local jobber for pricing.


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