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Restoring a Vintage Mustang? Here’s a Pro’s Advice

We’re loving this recommendation from Chris, a Mustang aficionado who swears by one solution for restoring rare Fox-Body bumpers: Dominion Sure Seal Bumper Stripper.

“For anyone out there with a pre-85 bumper, you know the difficulty involved in finding a clean and bare original. Reproductions don’t exist either. Stripping 35 years of paint off a urethane bumper is almost impossible to do as there are too many tight areas. I found this stuff (in Canada) that works like a dream. Pulls paint right off the urethane without any difficulty and doesn’t damage the urethane. (Use at your own discretion)”


Bumper Stripper is a unique formulation that will not swell or attack most urethanes. The viscous consistency clings to the bumper without sagging. It is designed to totally remove all refinish material but not the original factory-baked finish. Repeated application of Bumper Stripper in an attempt to remove the OEM finish will result in swelling and distortion of the substrate. Test an inconspicuous area first, before proceeding with the whole bumper.

Note: Not to be used on Xenoy, PG, ABS, PVC, Fiberglass or SMC.

SKU: SBS Dominion Sure Seal Bumper Stripper, 17oz

Dominion has the rest of your refinishing job covered, too! Be sure to add these pro aerosols to your list:

SKU: SAPB 3:1 Primer Black 16 oz
SKU: SAPG 3:1 Primer Grey 16 oz
SKU: SAPW 3:1 Primer White 16 oz
SKU: SEP Grey Self-Etch Primer 15 oz
SKU: SEP1 Black Self-Etch Primer 15 oz
SKU: SUFV Black Paintable Undercoating 17.5 oz.

See your local jobber for pricing


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