RBL’s Color Correction Inspection Light Stands at the Top of its Class

Tuned specifically for color correction, RBL Products® Color Correction Inspection Light allows painters and detailers to accurately match any color of paint in any lighting condition. It has 3 dim settings, allowing for views of the paint in different types of light. A wide illumination area is available for ease of operation and its integrated stand and hanger make it a key item to have around the garage or shop. A long battery life provided by the 4400mAH battery and quick recharge times make it an ideal choice for your inspection lighting needs.

RBL Color Correction Inspection Light

This light is tested beyond the extremes it will encounter in normal use:

  • Excellent for color correction
  • Easy to identify wheel marks, sand scratches and dirt defects
  • 3 dimming settings simulate full sunlight, afternoon sunlight & cloudy conditions
  • Wide illumination area
  • Rechargable 4400mAH Lithium Ion Battery
  • Integrated Stand & Hanger
  • USB Power Outlet
  • Net Weight: 1.4Kg


“This thing is really heavy duty. When you pick it up, it feels like quality. Its got multiple settings for intensity to allow you to tailor it to your shop. The nicest thing about it is how cool it stays with the LED’s. I dont have to worry about turning it off while working on a job. Good quality inspection light.”—autobody7

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