RBL Products® UV Primer and Clear Touch Up Kit

Cures in 20 Seconds! Excellent for filling chips, fisheyes (craters), and scratches. 100% solids results in zero shrinkage.

UV Primer

  • Excellent adhesion to bare metal
  • Easy to sand
  • Cures in 20 seconds
  • Built in squeegee prevents primer from dripping

UV Clear

  • Crystal clear
  • Cures in 20 seconds
  • Can immediately sand and polish after cure
  • Pointed brush allows for precise touch ups

UV Penlight Kit
1 – metal pen light
1 – USB 110 charger
1 – fabric holster
2.5 hours of continuous use.

SKU: UV 880 – 3oz UV Putty (4 bottles per carton)
SKU: UV 855 – UV Rechargeable Light
SKU: UV 860 – UV Rechargeable Light with 3oz Putty Bottle
SKU: UV853 – UV Clear Coat

See your local jobber for pricing


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