Pro-Tek® Jetair Waterborne Drying System

  • 1200 CFM air displacement at full speed
  • Uses only 6 CFM at 80 lbs PSI
  • Stainless steel outer shell guarantees an easily cleaned and rust proof finish
  • Stainless steel fan blades and aluminum inner shell mean no sparks by static build up
  • Oiless and completely stainless steel motor will never cause booth contamination
  • Available as a stand alone unit or as a wall mounted unit
  • Rear mesh screen.
  • Uses warm booth air for faster, even drying.
  • A must for any bodyshop using water based paint products
  • Height extension from 30 inches to 64 inches
  • Diameter : 12 ¾ inches

SKU: AF-08 ProTek Jet Air Drying System $1132.00 Shop

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