Primer DTS Pure Réflection

Pour vous je test et vous présente les avantage à travailler avec une nouvelle génération de primer DTS.

  • “This second generation DTS adheres to all types of substrates, you need to stock only one product at a very very very good price.”
  • “Look at how nice that finish is”
  • “You see that finish? … It’s a product with a remarkably smooth finish”
  • “Let’s test the adhesion… absolutely no delamination.”
  • “Sands easily with 320 grit… excellent… now with 400 still super… now 500 still an easy sand”
  • “It’s really worth trying”

Pure Reflections PR401 is a two component, Low VOC, Direct to Substrate (DTS) – Sandable Primer Surfacer that can achieve a very high film build through it’s high solids/low viscosity technology. A smaller than normal tip size, allows for smoother application and less work when trying to achieve a total flat-sanded surface. This primer also offers excellent sanding characteristics and gloss holdout.

  • High Solids
  • Low Viscosity
  • High Build
  • Smooth Sand
  • Excellent Gloss Holdout
  • Zinc Chromate Characteristics

SKU: PR401 – DTS Gray High Build Primer 2.1 VOC – Gallon

SKU: PR405 DTS Gray High Build Primer Hardener 2.1 VOC – Quart

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