Preval Refillable Spray System

Turn Any Paint Into An Aerosol Spray! The Preval Sprayer allows you to spray up to 16 ounces of almost any paint or liquid. Sprays Water-Based, Latex-Based and Oil-Based Paints, Acrylics, Alkyds, Clear Coats, Enamels, Epoxys, Gel Coats, Lacquers, Leather Dyes, Polyurethanes, Primers, Rust Inhibitors, Stains, Varnishes, Waterproofers, 2k Coatings & much more. The Preval Sprayer is easy and efficient to use.

Easy replacement and cleanup with interchangeable and disposable parts. Use with the medium of your choice and custom mix your own colors. Store medium in the included lidded containers.

The Preval Sprayer can be used with:

  • Automotive primers, top coats, and clears
  • Marine primers, top coats and Gel coats
  • New Residential Interior and Exterior Trim
  • Decorative Concrete Stains
  • Cabinetry Lacquer
  • Most Water based paints
  • Most Solvent based and Oil based paints
  • Latex paints and over 2000 other formulas

Additional Details:

  • Output Pressure: 70 psi
  • Professional- grade finish
  • Made in the USA

SKU: 0202 – vGrip Universal Handle
SKU: 0223 – Preval ValPack
SKU: 0222 – Preval FastPack
SKU: 0221 – Replacement Power Unit
SKU: 0225 – Preval 2 Pack
SKU: 0226 – The Preval Spray System
SKU: 0270 – 6 Pack of 2.94oz Touch-up Jars
SKU: 0266 – 6oz Glass Reservoir for Sprayer
SKU: 0220 – 6oz Plastic Reservoir for Sprayer
SKU: 0219 – 2.94oz Plastic Reservoir with cap and short dip tube
SKU: 1000 – Replacement Dip Tube for 6oz Reservoir
SKU: 6012 – Preval Spray Button
SKU: 0227 – Preval Pro Pack
SKU: 3000 – Replacement lids for bottles

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