‘Not just a mans business’ • Meet the trailblazer behind Fairfax Auto Repair

A woman in Fairfax County is a trailblazer in the automotive industry. Not only is she the only woman to work at Fairfax Auto Repair, but she also owns the shop.

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. — At Fairfax Auto Repair in Fairfax Virginia, Rebecca Hoyos is the only woman in the building — and she also happens to the be owner.

“Believe it or not, most days I don’t even notice that,” Hoyos said. “I have built this culture around leading it as a woman — we are all here to solve one problem and that problem is to fix someone’s family car. We want to make sure they are safe and get them back on the road.”

Hoyos first became interested in the automotive industry in her early twenties, where she was initially told she wouldn’t be able to participate. But that didn’t stop Hoyos from pushing forward.

“During my first job in the automotive industry, I was actually told I could not do it,”  I asked ‘Well, why not? I would be great at it,” Hoyos said. “I was able to prove over and over that it is not a man’s business anymore. I love having other conversations with other women in the field.”

Hoyos said it is important for their company to support local businesses, especially organizations that lift up other women. 

On Thursday, Hoyos had a visit by a local Girl Scout troop. “They have automotive badges and the Girl Scouts are really trying to be more hands-on in traditionally male-dominated industries,” Hoyos said.

“Whether I am female or male, it should not matter and it does not matter,” Hoyos said. “As long as I show my team respect, they will do the same with me.”

Hoyos said if you are interested in going into the automotive industry or another industry that is traditionally dominated by men, look for mentors.

“Find a mentor, and I am here so you can always call me! Go for it. You will have hiccups but that is every job and find a woman mentor who can lead you in the right direction,” Hoyos said.

Fairfax Auto Repair also went through training to become “Certified Female Friendly,” through the site

“I would be in heaven if we could just have more women applying for these jobs,” said Hoyos.

To learn more about Fairfax Auto Repair, click here.

Author: Nicole DiAntonio (WUSA2) Published: 1:03 PM EST January 30, 2020 Updated: 1:03 PM EST January 30, 2020


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