New! M60R Air Preparation Unit from Motor Guard

The Motor Guard M-60R Air Preparation System combines Motor Guard’s exclusive sub-micronic compressed air filter with a precision, true-diaphragm regulator and gauge for a powerful point-of-use air preparation unit.

The key to the M-60 air filter’s performance is Motor Guard’s proprietary hydrophilic media. Compressed air passing through the tightly wound element is stripped of water, oil and other contaminants.

The relieving diaphragm regulator eliminates pressure creep and delivers consistent outlet pressure over a wide range of inlet pressures and air flows. A glass lens on the highly visible gauge is solvent resistant.

Introducing Hydro Pure-Media Technology

Introduced in M-60R Filtration Unit and Now Shipping in All Motor Guard Sub-Micronic Filters

Motor Guard has developed it’s most efficient and durable filtration media to date. Hydro-Pure media has been specifically designed to absorb more moisture, and trap more contaminants than any other compressed air filter on the market.

The hyrophilic fibers in this new media remain strong and durable, even while wet and under the strain of the high pressures and temperatures of today’s compressed air systems.

Hydro-Pure media was developed for the new M-60R Filtration Unit and is now featured in All Motor Guard Sub-Micronic Filters.

SKU: M-60R 00254 Sub-Micronic Filter/Regulator Combination, 1/2 NPT – $174.95


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