New! Evercoat Light Speed: Ultra-Fast, LED-Cure System

Boost business growth by taking your repair speeds to the next level.

Light Speed™ Optex® Premium Body Filler is the world’s best sanding dual-cure filler offering unparalleled sanding qualities as a result of the Evercoat patented EcoResin™ technology. As an important product in the Light Speed system, the body filler can be cured on demand in 3 minutes with the Light Speed LED lamp. The filler also features patent pending color-change technology in which the body filler optically transitions from pink to a light gray-green when it’s ready to sand.

  • Dual cure: cures with ultra-fast Light Speed LED lamp or traditional catalyzation
  • Ready to sand in just 3 minutes when cured with Light Speed LED lamp
  • Uses patent pending color-changing technology
  • Spreads easy and virtually eliminates micro-pinholes
  • Superior sanding thanks to EcoResin™ technology
  • Can be applied directly over sanded OEM paint
  • Meets 500 hour corrosion resistance (ASTM B117)

Light Speed™ LED Cure 440 Express is a fast fix for micro-pinholes that are hard to identify prior to primer
application.This patent pending technology is a high-solids polyester that is easy to apply and cures on application of Light Speed LED lamp. Testing has shown that when used properly, up to 90% of all rework created by micro-pinholes are eliminated.

  • Ready to prime in 30 seconds when cured with ultra-fast Light Speed LED lamp
  • Eliminates micro-pinholes
  • No sanding required
  • Comes with 36 applicator pads

Light Speed™ LED Cure High Build Primer is a ready-to-spray hybrid polyester primer surfacer that provides exceptional filling capabilities. This high build primer is compatible with waterborne paint systems and VOC compliant.

  • Cures with ultra-fast Light Speed LED lamp in 5 minutes
  • Sands easily
  • High build
  • No shrinkage
  • Passes 500 hours in salt spray tests (ASTM B117)

The Light Speed™ LED Curing Lamp is the recommended UV/LED Light ScanGrip to cure the Light Speed system of repair products quickly and efficiently. It’s versatile design enables handheld curing or no-hands compatibility when used with the Light Speed LED Lamp Stand.

  • Cures 8 inch x 11 inch repair area
  • Includes battery and charger
  • Proper PPE required
  • Solid state light source, with over 6,000 hours of lifetime
  • Zero IR
  • Zero mercury or environmental issues
  • Built in timer
  • Easy to hold design, cordless function

Other Compatible Lights:
• H&S Autoshot UVA 400A

The Light Speed™ LED Curing Lamp Stand holds the Light Speed LED curing lamp in place to ensure a proper cure of your repair. This stand eliminates the need for manual holding of the lamp to allow you to work on other aspects of the repair. It’s small footprint and easy set up offers a quick and easy curing process.

  • Holds two LED cure lamps at once
  • Easily adjusted for hard to reach angles
  • Counterbalanced at base with easy to use, connected sandbag
  • Facilitates multi-tasking
  • Ergonomic
  • Durable to withstand day to day busy shop use

Evercoat Light Speed™ System includes:
SKU: 100390 – Light Speed™ Optex® Premium Body Filler, Gallon (4/cs)
SKU: 100394 – Light Speed™ LED Cure 440 Express, 4 oz (1/cs)
SKU: 100398 – Light Speed™ LED Cure High Build Primer, Quart (6/cs)
SKU: 100991 – Light Speed™ LED Cure Lamp Stand, 2 Pc (1/cs)
SKU: 100990 – Light Speed™ LED Cure Lamp, 1 ea

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