Need To Strip a ’71 Firebird Twin-Snorkel Air Cleaner?

Dominion Sure Seal Sure Strip™ in gallons is a very fast reacting paint stripper, it will even dissolve hard coatings such as sprayable bedliners. Strip Off in a convenient aerosol is a fast acting paint stripper that is designed to work fast in the removal of all types of paint finish (including OEM finishes) from metal substrates. Sure Strip in gallons conforms with FAA specifications for paint removal on aluminum and various sensitive substrates.

Watch as the high-strength aerosol transforms this 455 big block back to looking as good as new.

SKU: BPS11003 – Sure Strip High Strength Paint & Coating Stripper, 1 gal (4/case)
SKU: SSO24014 – High Strength Paint Stripper Aerosol, 510g can (12/case)

See your local jobber for pricing.


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