More masking greatness with Taylor Schultz

Taylor will tell you that the devil is in the details. A custom job is only as good as the hours of prep that it takes to get a piece ready to spray. That being said, saving a few minutes during the prep process adds up. More time saved means more time spent on the passion.

Handy Mask is tape and mask in one step! The perfect size for masking tanks, headlights, bumpers and door jambs.

Suggested Use(s)
Use to tape and mask everything from headlights to taillights, mirrors, side molding, door jambs, and more (automotive, marine, industrial and household uses)

SKU: 38081 – Dispenser with 7” x 65’ Roll (12 per Box)
SKU: 38082 – 7” x 65’ Refill Rolls (15 per Box)

What does a body filler company care about saving you few minutes of prep? Imagine the possibilities in your collision shop if you could save the technician a few minutes on each repair. USC is more than body repair, it’s a solution.

See your local jobber for pricing.


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