MHT-7000™ Air Filtration Shop Special • Ends Dec 31

Need dry air? Motor Guard’s® MHT-7000 offers 6 stages of air prep in a single unit, plus provides the quickest, cleanest cartridge change in the industry. The system includes a compressed air filter, desiccant dryer, & precision regulator.

Offers 6 stages of air filtration:
• Stage 1 – Centrifugal Water Separator for trapping condensed moisture.
• Stage 2 – Hydrophillic Depth Cartridge traps particulates, water, and oil aerosols down to .01 micron rating.
• Stage 3 – Sintered Polypropylene Pre-Filter.
• Stage 4 – Activated Carbon Filter traps oil vapor to < .003ppm.
• Stage 5 – Silica Gel Desiccant Dryer dries air to -40°F dew point. Holds 2 quarts of silica gel desiccant beads for long filter life.
• Stage 6 – Final Filter Media traps desiccant dust.

The MHT-7100 Compressed Air Filter is a high-volume water trap combined with a particulate and oil filter that features Motor Guard’s exclusive hydrophillic depth cartridge which filters to an incredible .01 micron rating. The cartridge traps oil, water, and particulates in between the tightly wound sheets of high-efficiency media. A drop-in replacement cartridge (M-710) and spin-off T-handle provide for a quick cartridge change.

The MHT-7200 Compressed Air Desiccant Dryer features a unique cartridge that combines an activated carbon inner element to remove oil vapor to less than .003 ppm with a high-capacity silica gel desiccant dryer that delivers an incredible -40°F dew point to the spray booth. Two full quarts of silica gel desiccant beads ensure a long filter life and a sealed, disposable cartridge (M-720) and spin-off T-handle provide for a quick and clean cartridge change. A color-change (blue to pink) sight glass signals the need to replace both cartridges.

The MHT-7300 Compressed Air Precision Regulator is a high-quality, true diaphragm regulator designed to set and hold outlet pressure over a wide range of flows and conditions. A high-visibility, multi-scale pressure gauge features a scratch- and solvent-proof glass lens that will outlast all competitive gauges.

MHT-7000 Shop Promo Ends Dec 31, 2020! Deal Includes:
• MHT-7000 High Tech Air Filtration System, 1/2 NPT $693.00 Shop
• MF-35 Magna-Flex Premium Spray Booth Hose, 3/8” I.D x 35” Long w/Full-Flow Fittings FREE ($59.95 value)

Motor Guard MHT-7000 must be purchased from an authorized Motor Guard Jobber between 10/1/2020 -12/31/2020. Complete & mail rebate form and a copy of your invoice showing purchase price and date by 12/30/2020. One rebate per person. Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery. Coupon has no cash value.


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