Meet Our Vendor: Presta Products

Presta is a 20+ year partner of The Autobody Source

THE RUNDOWN: Now in its third generation of continuous ownership, Malco® Products, Inc. was founded by the Glauberman family in 1953 in Akron, Ohio. The parent company owns the Malco® and Presta® Products brands with manufacturing facilities in Akron, Barberton and Alliance, Ohio. Presta Products was launched in 1993. In addition to its proprietary brands, Malco® also packages and distributes chemical products for a number of Fortune 100 consumer products companies.

ALL-TIME BEST SELLER: Presta Scuff Stuff® Surface Prep.

“We created the category of professional bumper scuffing prep products. Before Scuff Stuff, shops used Comet Cleanser Powder (that you clean your toilets with) because it had the grit to create mechanical adhesion and the detergent to remove the mold-release agent coating the bumper. But Scuff Stuff isn’t a one-trick pony: Besides bumpers, it’s great for color blending jobs and removing hydrophobic sealants which cause paint adhesion failures.”

SEMA AWARD WINNER: PACE™ Paint Finishing System.

“Presta specializes in waterbased products. So when you’re done buffing with the PACE™ system and wipe your panel, what you see is truly what you get. It contains no petroleum, silicone or fillers that mask surface damage or make it appear that you’ve hidden the scratch. If you still see the scratch, then you’ve got more buffing to do.”

Watch: The Presta Hybrid Technique: Get a Detail Shop Finish with Body Shop Speed

Pictured above: Malco President Seth Glauberman (L) with his father, Chairman Stuart Glauberman (C), and his sister, Corporate Communications Manager Lauren Osina. Credit: Phil Masturzo, Akron Beacon Journal


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