Meet Our Vendor: Evercoat

Evercoat is a 25+ year partner of The Autobody Source

THE RUNDOWN: Evercoat launched in 1953, when its first formulas were developed in Cincinnati, Ohio and sold throughout the US, primarily to the marine market. Shortly after 1953, it recognized the need for good quality primers and fillers in the automotive aftermarket and began marketing Evercoat products designed for use in automotive body repair. Today, Evercoat products span the global body repair industry, with adhesives, spray filler, plastic repair products and more.


Rage® was the first stain-free body filler, Quantum 1® was the first 10:1 filler technology and Rage Ultra™ is the first filler using Eco Resin™, an environmentally friendly resin which also provides superior sanding capabilities.

ALL-TIME BEST SELLER: Z Grip Lightweight Filler

“Lightweight, Z Grip, Rage Ultra and Rage Optex cover what we call our good-better-best fillers lineup. For some people, Lightweight and Z Grip do a great job in terms of working beautifully for repairs. Other people prefer our premium, eco-resin based Rage Ultra and Rage Optex for their repairs because they’re so much easier to sand, less pinholes, etc. Constantly innovating products that are easier to use is one of the things folks love most about Evercoat.”

Evercoat’s packaging in the brand’s early days.


The brand was initially called Fibre-Glass Evercoat when it launched in the 1950s.

Watch: Easily ID Low Spots with Evercoat OPTEX Super Build 4:1 Primer


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