Mask Your Paint Job in Seconds! New RBL AutoMask Film Dispenser

The BRAND-NEW Automask dispenser by RBL takes an already great product to an entirely new level.

There’s easy….and then there’s Easy by RBL! One of the toughest parts about any paint job – residential to commercial to auto to boat – is properly masking your painting surface. Today, that all changes.

The Pre-taped, Pre-folded, Hand-held Paint Masking System that enables one man to mask for unlimited lengths, quickly and accurately, on all vehicles, reducing masking time and material waste. Choose the correct AutoMask masking drape for your masking needs.

The new, locking pull down cutter and coverage spray indicator take painting from tedious to simple, in seconds.

Here are some more features of this updated, industry-leading product:

  • The Automask ELIMINATES the risk of masking paper fiber contamination.
  • Lint-free & anti-static
  • Ultimate solvent bleed-thru resistance — even paint stripper cannot penetrate it!
  • Resists heat up to 230F (110C)
  • Completely Waterproof!

This new dispenser is available for models #101 (21′ x 115′), #103 (43′ x 115′), and #108 (72′ x 115′)!

Ask your local jobber for pricing and availability of all RBL Products.


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