Klean-Strip Aircraft Paint Remover is All-New! Here’s What’s Different

Q: What happened to my favorite Aircraft product? It isn’t the same!
A: On March 15, 2019, the EPA issued a final rule to ban methylene chloride (MeChl) in paint removers, with November 22, 2019, being the last date MeChl-containing removers can be sold. MeChl was the main ingredient in our original Aircraft Paint Remover, AR343.

Q: What is AR2000, Non-Methylene Chloride Paint Remover?
AR2000 was developed to comply with the EPA ruling. It does not contain MeChl. It is the only non-MeChl paint remover that is specifically designed to remove 2K OEM automotive coatings, both epoxy and urethane. Check out the chart below to show how we stack up versus the competition.

Q: Why isn’t AR2000 as fast as AR343?
The active ingredient in AR343 is MeChl, which gives AR343 the majority of its stripping power and speed. Different, compliant chemicals are used in AR2000. Those chemicals do not have the same properties as MeChl, and therefore do not work in the same manner. AR2000 is a patent-pending formula, containing a blend of chemicals that will pop and remove the
toughest of OEM finishes. However, removal time is now about 30-45 minutes, depending on the coating and the number of layers.

Q: Can I do anything to speed it up?
You can do several things to improve removal and speed the process up:
• Sand the surface with 80-240 grit sandpaper. Breaking the surface allows the AR2000 to penetrate deeper into the coating, thereby helping it work faster.
• Make sure to apply a thick coating of remover. Pour on and use a spreader to move over the surface. DO NOT brush it on thinly like paint! And don’t allow the remover to dry on the surface. Thicker coats will stay wet longer.
• You can also cover the remover with plastic film. This keeps the material from evaporating, thereby improving the stripping power and increasing removal speed.
• For best results, apply at temperatures between 65ºF and 85ºF and avoid direct sunlight.


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