JTAPE Prime & Paint Foam Masking Tape

JTAPE Prime & Paint Foam Masking Tape is the unique combination of two innovative products: Primeshield and Advanced Foam Masking Tape, saving the body-shop considerable time and material.

Prime & Paint Foam Masking Tape supports a three stage spraying process with only one masking application, with no hard edges, no wastage and clean removal.  It is the perfect solution for light priming, color application and clear coat finish.

Here’s How It Works

  1. Stage one, fix foam tape to the inside of the door edge (moving part), the adhesive is hidden, close door, press into place using the crease on the foam and apply primer, feathering the edge.
  2. Stage two, tear-off the top section leaving behind the Advanced Foam Masking Tape section and spray colour.
  3. Stage three, easily adjust back the foam tape and apply clear coat. Stretch tape to remove, no adhesive left behind, no hard edges – the perfect finish!


  • Unique patented 2 in 1 masking product
  • Hidden adhesive
  • Detachable Primeshield piece
  • Paint absorbent


  • No need to de-mask and re-mask between priming/painting
  • Prevents hard primer/ground coat edges
  • One step process
  • Helps to create a soft finish

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