JTAPE Flexi No Edge Blending Tape

Flexi No Edge Blending Tape has no competition; it’s the innovative and unique solution for masking curved swage lines and curved panel edges. The flexible foam is the most effective solution for masking filler cap inserts, this unique foam masking tape always gives a feathered paint edge, eliminating rework. Removing the foam tape while the clear coat is still wet gives a perfect finish. Temperature resistant to 90°C/194°F makes it the ideal product for any body repair scenario, and in particular SMART repairs.

Unique Flexi No Edge Blending Tape masks around any curve, saving considerable time and materials to give a perfect finish when blending clear coat to curved swage lines and panel edges.


SKU: 1018.1525

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does it work in the filler cap?

Yes, it works well on the majority of vehicles.

Will it leave residue on removal?

No, providing you carefully stretch it to remove.

Do you have to attach it down with masking tape

This isn’t necessary, providing you attach it to the bodywork using the correct pressure and without stretching it.

Do you have to remove it before a bake cycle?

Ideally, yes, where possible.

Will it adhere to masking tape?

It will adhere to bodywork much more effectively.

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