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IPG Emergency Products Available to Ship Today

In emergencies, Intertape Polymer Group is ready to help in any way possible. In accordance with recommendations by the CDC and mandates by local, state, and national government, IPG’s containment solutions are designed to meet needs and provide help in times of crisis.

  • Social distancing floor marking tape
  • Economical duct tape for bag sealing in hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers dealing with medical waste
  • Duct tape and PE tapes for sealing HAZMAT and PPE
  • Double-coated tape and PE tapes for quick and easy hanging of poly sheeting and poly drapes
  • Structure fabric for COVID-19 temporary testing/medical structures
  • NovaWrap™ Aspire, a nonwoven breathable house wrap, has passed both the AAMI level 2 and 3 requirements as a medical/surgical gown material
  • Heavy duty, water- and UV-resistant poly tape for sealing, seaming and repair of temporary structures
  • Barricade tapes and PE tapes to easily block off areas to ensure government health guidelines

PT7 Painter’s masking tape 24mm x 54m (clean removal)
36 rolls per case
5 day lead time
1 case min

Aisle Marking Tape 2” x 36yds (blue, green, red, white, yellow)
24 rolls per case
10 day lead time
2 case min

AC20 duct tape 48mm x 54.8m (blue, green, olive drab, orange, red)
24 rolls per case
5 day lead time
1 case min

Products available to ship today. Contact your local jobber.



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