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Introducing Zero Rust Scratch Prep Paint Pen

Zero Rust has taken its unique technology into a touch up paint pen. Ideal for rock chips, dings, and weld spots.

The “Great American Road” is how we get to where we are going, but rocks and debris are not friendly to a painted surface at 70 mph. Once the bare metal is exposed to the elements, rust sets in quickly. There are touch-up products on the market, but when applied over rust, the rust will still creep beneath the painted surface.


Zero Rust is now available in a convenient Paint Pen! Your touch-up paint won’t stop rust-creep, but applying Zero Rust before you apply your touch-up paint WILL!

  • Ideal for Auto Restoration and motorcycles
  • Perfect for rock chips and scratches
  • Quick, convenient, inexpensive, stops rust now


See your local jobber for pricing


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