Prep a Quality Aluminum Body Panel Repair in 5 Simple Steps

Watch how to properly prepare an aluminum body panel repair

This quick video demonstrates the standard operating procedure for preparing an aluminum body panel repair. As always proper safety equipment should be utilized.

It is important all aluminum panel repairs are completed in a controlled area of the Collision Center and utilize a separate set of aluminum-dedicated tools to prevent panel contamination.

  1. Aluminum body panel repair preparation begins with cleaning the damaged area first with soap and water, and then with the appropriate wax and grease remover.
  2. Once the panel is properly cleaned, wipe it dry with a clean cloth. 
  3. The next step is to remove paint and coatings from the damaged area, exposing the aluminum panel using a Norton Bear-Tex Vortex Rapid Blend 3-inch Speed Lock TR disc.
  4. Once the Coatings are removed repair the dent using an industry accepted method.
  5. It is important to feather edge the area surrounding the repair with a DA sander using P80 grit paper. Once the edges are properly feathered, the repair area is now ready for body filler application. 

Use on bare metal aluminum body panel repair and painted surfaces to remove contaminants.

Norton® 3″ X 3/16″ 100 – 150 Grit Medium Grade Aluminum Oxide Bear-Tex® SPEED-LOK® Vortex Rapid Blend® Unified Wheel

Norton® Bear-Tex® Vortex Speed-Lok® Rapid Blend® TR Type III 3″ Dia Medium Grade Aluminum Oxide Unified Wheel has special resin chemistry that resists shedding when used on sharp edges. Blue 7 – 9 density non-woven disc with 3/16″ thickness and 15000 RPM is used for debarring and finishing applications. It features a proprietary vortex aluminum oxide aggregate grain that performs medium – fine grit steps in an easy one-step operation. Disc with special resin chemistry resists shedding when used on sharp edge and offers long-lasting durability. It has new construction throughout the entire disc and has an ergonomic design that offers less downtime as well as production waste.


  • High-performance engineered grain and improved resin bond system
  • Thick nylon web
  • Porous
  • New curing process and bond technology
  • Excellent form holding
  • Preformable
  • Up to 2x the number of pieces finished
  • Right-angle grinder Vortex Rapid Finish™ wheels
  • Proprietary Vortex aluminum oxide aggregate grain
  • Special resin chemistry
  • New construction: abrasive is distributed throughout the entire disc (top, bottom and side)


  • Blending
  • Cleaning
  • Deburring/Deflashing
  • Finishing
  • Polishing
  • Medium-Light Stock Removal
  • Beveling
  • Rust Removal
  • Thread deburring operations
  • Light weld bead and weld splatter removal on stainless steel
  • Any customers with heavy deburring and finishing applications
  • Good replacement for spindle-mounted flap wheels and cotton-laminated wheels which often generate unpleasant odors when grinding

SKU: 66254428239 – Norton® 3″ X 3/16″ 100 – 150 Grit Medium Grade Aluminum Oxide Bear-Tex® SPEED-LOK® Vortex Rapid Blend® Unified Wheel

See your jobber for pricing on this great aluminum body panel repair wheel.


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