Topcoats: 2K Part Repair & Fade-Out

Use the following sequence for an undetectable, long-lasting partial Quarter Panel repair and fade-out:


After priming all necessary areas, sand the surrounding areas to be blended with a grey scuff pad (1500 grit) and coarse compound. This should extend to just beyond the edge of the target fade-out area.


Clean the entire area with Wax and Grease Remover. Apply the first coat of 2K color to the sanded area. After the recommended flash off, apply the second coat overlapping the first coat, extending into the scuffed area. Clean the gun of all color completely and add the fade-out mixture (5:1) with ready-to-spray (hardened) clear to the gun.

Lower air pressure to 45 psi and spray the fade-out mixture to the dry edge to absorb overspray and melt-in the edge of the color. It may be necessary to apply two coats to dissolve a heavy edge.

NOTE: Avoid very wet application and very low pressure. On some pastel colors, heavy application can lead to flotation (whitening) of the color.

Watch: How to Paint Car Panels with 2K Aerosol Spray Cans


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