How to Apply Zero Rust with a Brush

Zero Rust is a protective coating for metal that stops rust in its tracks. We are proud to have Zero Rust as one of our sponsors for Rust Rescue TV. We truly love this stuff and use it on all of the frames of the vehicles we restore on the show and in the shop. Zero Rust is so easy to use, making it great for the DIYer. In this segment, LeeAnn shows how to apply Zero Rust to a car frame with nothing more than a cheapy paint brush!

SKU: PPZR03 – Zero Rust Paint Pen, Black Refill Kit
SKU: AR-60 – Red Oxide Corrosion Barrier, Gallon
SKU: AR-61 – Gray Corrosion Barrier, Gallon
SKU: AR-62 – Black Corrosion Barrier, Gallon
SKU: AR-67 – White Corrosion Barrier, Gallon


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